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Struggling to Shop

Happy Halloween two days late, even though I write this at midnight on Thursday, November 3rd. I passed out candy on Halloween and handed out candy to two, yes, TWO kids. I guess all the other kids went to other neighborhoods.

The next day I received the first of two monthly checks I get and went to Walmart to get dog food and toilet paper and a few food items. I had to get an employee to get the dog food from the top shelf and help load it into the car (hernia. Can’t lift 44 lbs). Anyway, I had the dog food and the toilet paper and I was in the food department when I noticed that my feet were starting to drag and I literally felt like falling to the floor (in the middle of Walmart) and just staying right there.

I had to mentally keep pushing myself to just get that last thing and check out, make it to the car, get home, and then I could lie down. I got to the check out and realized I forgot the loaf of bread, but I said forget it. I will get it another time. Luckily, I didn’t go get the bread because I was already a couple dollars short and had to put two of my Gatorades back just to afford what I was purchasing.

I made it home, but I sat in the car for a few minutes when I pulled into the driveway just to relax and thank God I was okay and safe. I grabbed all the bags and the toilet paper, leaving the dog food in the back seat for my uncle to bring into the living room so I can load it into the dog food containers on wheels, and headed into the house.

I just couldn’t believe it took so much out of me just to make a very short trip to the store. And this was such a short trip compared to my usual outings to the store. I have to go to the store tomorrow (or today considering it’s midnight) to withdraw rent and get my dogs their sweaters for Christmas card photos and a few props for bookstagram photos at Dollar Tree. I just hope I can stand up to the task I have waiting for me this time. Right now I’m waiting for clothes to dry so that I have a blanket to cover up with since Snowball, my Great Pyrenees/Shepherd mix decided to pee on my sheet and blanket tonight. Ugh! Anyway, I hope y’all have a great night and wonderful morning! Keep smiling!

Halloween costume. I was supposed to be the Queen of the Night.

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