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A Day of Hibernation

Today was a bit unusual to my usual days, even when I don’t feel well, which I really didn’t today. I not only didn’t feel well, I also couldn’t seem to wake up. Slumber and dreams just took over my body and mind and I was oblivious to pretty much everything around me. This is really, really unusual for me. Yes, I sleep in late a lot of times when I’m sick, but sleeping until 7:30 pm? That is definitely not the norm for me.

I’m not sure if depression is involved with the not feeling well or maybe anxiety because I do suffer from those as well. And yes, I say suffer because depression and anxiety for me are like dark clouds that hang over my head almost constantly. I will admit that the anxiety has eased off some but it is still there to plague me at some of the worst moments.

My two dogs, Sadie and Snowball, seem to know when I don’t feel well. Snowball, the constant snuggler, will actually lay her head on me and stay there for a long period of time. And Sadie, the one that’s not usually a snuggler, will actually lay at the head of the bed near me or will actually snuggle me. Sadie is a German Shepherd and would rather play and look outside or BE outside than lay here and snuggle. With me being sick though, she will lay here and snuggle and doesn’t seem to be much of a complainer about it.

I’ve also noticed something else about me while I’ve been feeling ill: I haven’t wanted much to do with meat. Well, really any kinds of foods, but especially meat. Give me toast, popsicles, popcorn, vegetables, fruit, crackers, etc. Meat is a rarity that I want. A lot of times, when I do eat meat, I’ll eat a little and I’m done, or I’ll eat one piece if there’s two or more and I’ll put the rest up for another time. Usually I love meat, but lately I can do without or very little.

For now, I think I will continue watching the movie Pig with my favorite actor Nicolas Cage while eating my homemade Guava Pop (popsicle). I hope y’all will keep your heads up and keep smiling!

Sadie and Snowball

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