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Dog Bath Ends in Bed Rest

So my shopping trip went great! I went to Walmart and had to tell myself several times to slow my pace or I will tire myself out quickly, so I took my time and got only what was on my list of things to get and did what was on my list of things to do. I did what I had to do at Walmart and left that store and went to the next store on my agenda: Tractor Supply.

I only went there to see if they sold and engraved dog tags. They did not, so I went on to Dollar Tree for two types of items: Bookstagram props and poop bags. I had to wait about 15 minutes because the store didn’t open until 9 am, so I just sat in the car and listened to the radio. I was the second one in the store.

They had everything I needed, even the Coca-cola I was going to go to Subway afterwards to get. Even better, they had a cold Cherry Coke. I’m a sucker for either a regular Coke or a Cherry Coke. I got several items for Bookstagram photos, an aux cord for jamming in the car, a bottle of fabuloso for mopping, and a huge bottle of coke for my thirst for soda another time, and of course two packages of four rolls of poop bags because you know two big dogs poop a lot.

I left there and went home. I got home all excited because at Walmart I had gotten my beautiful girls (my dogs) new sweaters basically for Christmas and couldn’t wait for them to try them on and they did and the sweaters fit!! I put up the fake pumpkins I found on sale and decided to give my girls baths (because it was way past due).

Sadie, my German Shepherd, was first (and last). I got her into the bathroom, after some coaxing, and got her new collar and sweater off and got the temp of the water right. I got her in the tub under the shower because for some weird reason whoever renovated the shower and stuff never finished and there’s no faucet. Anywho, I got her in, lathered her up and she stayed for a while and then she tried to make her great escape. She jumped out of the tub, still with plenty of shampoo on her and I chased and tried to pull and push her back in the tub. I finally got her back in and as I was, my energy and everything in me plummeted. I think she noticed because she got under the water and didn’t move as I forced every little bit in me to finish rinsing out the shampoo as I gently talked to her and told her that we were almost done, just had to rinse this part out. She say still the whole time and did not move a muscle.

When I was done, I shakily stood up, grabbed the towel and started to dry her off as she jumped out. I sat on the chair an continued to dry her. She nudged the towel a few times. After I dried her, I dried the floor a little and then laid down on my bed. After a while, my stomach began to hurt and the nausea came. I did take a pain pill I’ve had. My uncle has brought me soup in the time frame that I have been lying here since the incident but I haven’t eaten much of it. After I had my fill of what I could eat, he put the rest away for me for later. I see the specialist tomorrow afternoon to find out what to do next for me. I will rest the rest of the day. Keep smiling for me, because today I find it hard to do. I love y’all! Write you soon.


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