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Phoenix Rising by V.S. Griffin: A Book Review

“Meet Victoria, a woman for whom motherhood is one of the proudest accomplishment in her life. But when her young son Colin dies suddenly, Victoria is thrown into a dangerous downward spiral. Suicidal, broken and desperate for love, she careens into a relationship with Dominic. At first, the relationship seems like the salvation that Victoria desperately needs. Unfortunately for her, Dominic is a troubled man with a double-life that Victoria knows nothing about… until the police arrive at her door and it’s too late.”

This book was amazing and heart-breaking to read. I really felt bad for everything Victoria had to go through. It WAS really refreshing to read and know the roads and places the author mentions in this book because the book is based in Houston, Tx and I was born in Houston and although I don’t live there, I live very close to it and travel to it often enough. This book is just an eye-opener to all that someone can go through in life at just a drop of a hat. Someone you meet somewhere and you think they’re the best in the world could be someone completely different. I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ all the way. I definitely recommend this, so happy reading!!


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