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Fun with Water

My whole flavor water mix setup
My first real mix
My water bottle/jug

Hey guys! So, I got this idea about a month ago from this lady on TikTok to mix these sugar-free drink mixes with different Skinny Syrups in water. The thing is, you pick each one randomly. How you pick the syrups randomly is you number the bottles and then cut, number, and fold pieces of paper with how many bottles of syrups you have and pick a paper blindly and whichever number you get, that’s the syrup you use with whichever drink mix you picked blindly.

As you can see in the pictures, I have a LOT of drink mixes and five syrups. I have another syrup coming from Amazon toward the end of the month or beginning of next month.

The first real pick, as you can see, was Nerds grape drink mix with Mint Chocolate Chip Skinny Syrup. It’s not too bad but definitely an interesting taste. Lol. I think this little experiment or whatever you want to call it will get me drinking more water which is what I need. I use bottled spring water for my water and my jug I use holds two 16.9-oz water bottles, so it’s a 34-oz water jug I believe. Anyway, I just thought I would fill you in on what I’m doing with my fun with Water. Keep smiling!


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