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3 Weeks Smoke-Free

Yesterday, underneath all the bad that happened, I realized that it had been exactly three weeks that I had been Smoke-Free…again. I had quit five years ago and held it together until about a year or so ago when I was with my ex and he and other things got me so stressed out and, he being a smoker and having cigarettes around constantly, I picked up the habit again.

Do I still have that temptation around me now? No. No one around me smokes except my brother but he’s not around me constantly or even once a week. Everyone else around me either has never smoked or quit around the time I quit the first time and has never turned back. My current boyfriend is one that has never smoked and does not like to be around it, so I’m good there. 😊 Do I have the cravings still? Of course. Do I give into them? No. I tell myself no and continue onto whatever I was originally going to do. I can’t let myself backtrack when I’ve come so far already.

This will not only save me money but save my health as well. I think I have enough health problems without adding the health problems that come from smoking, don’t you? Lol. Today’s my doctor appointment for the gastroenterologist so I’ll see what he has to say about everything. I’ve had a restless night of sleep and still don’t feel well. I think I’ll try to get a couple more hours of sleep before my alarm goes off for me to officially wake up. My uncle has to bring me to my mom so she can bring me to my Dr’s appointment this afternoon since he has to work and my vehicle still remains illegal for the road. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day and remember: Keep smiling!


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