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Never Walk Two Big Dogs at Once: Still Suffering with Lack of Use of Left Arm

Got my McDonald’s shades.

Yes, it has been a while again since I have posted beyond book reviews, but I have had a few books to read to finish the yearly book challenge, which I just finished. Yay!! But after probably a month after the incident with the dogs chasing the cat with me attached, I still don’t have full use of my left arm and doctors are blowing things off as if it’s no big deal. I mean, yes, they gave me muscle relaxers and naproxen, and maybe that’s all they can do, but it sure hurts like hell even with the pain medication and the muscle relaxers.

Let me tell you that this is no fun. I can’t fully reach for things. I can’t lift my arm over my head. I can carry things with no problems, but when it comes to extending my arm or reaching or anything, I just can’t do it. I definitely can’t put any weight on it, like to push myself up off the floor or to lean on the bed to get something in the middle of my Queen-size. Just forget about doing any of that without a slight scream escaping.

I just don’t want to do this with my arm anymore. I’m tired of the pain and sometimes it’s even hard to sleep at night because some nights the pain is worse than others. Sometimes even laying on the OPPOSITE side hurts my left arm. Explain that. I don’t want to deal with doctors anymore. They don’t effing listen to me!!

It’s not just my arm either that they don’t listen to me. I have issues with my back and I got a hold of an orthopedic to look at my spine (well, actually the emergency room did). They called me and asked me a lot of questions, I guess to see if I was qualified to see that Dr. Apparently I was but I needed a referral from my Primary Care physician to go. I went to see my PCP for a follow-up for my arm but to also get the referral. After KIND OF looking at my arm and then prodding my back a little, my PCP chocked my back being because of my weight and apparently refused to send the referral to the orthopedic. I’m so sick of drs saying everything is because of my weight. The fatty liver? Fine. I need to lose weight to help. Diabetes? Fine. I mean, my back I can see too, but my family has back issues. My sister has degenerative disc disease as does my mom, I believe. How does this Dr know that there’s not something wrong with my back that regular x-rays aren’t showing. Apparently, during one of the CT scans the er did one time DID show that I have multi-level degenerative disc disease in the lumbar region of my back. If my effing PCP had read through all of the paperwork I had given him in the past and made notes of it, he would have seen that.

I understand that me being obese is a big issue with a lot of my health issues and I am working on it. Right now it’s mainly nutrition because that’s the hardest part for me, but at least I’m doing something. My blood sugar levels have been really high and I have been working on trying to get them down. I just need better doctors that actually give a crap about what I tell them. Anyway, I think I’m done ranting and raving. I know I usually tell y’all to keep smiling and please do, because I want you all happy, but I don’t feel so happy tonight. I wish you all well and if I don’t post before the first. Happy New Year! And I hope your Christmas was spectacular!


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