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Daughter of Sparta by Claire M. Andrews: Book Review

Daphne competes in Carneia in place of her older brother who has somehow disappeared for the time being. After running through the forest, she finds Artemis who puts her on a mission to try to save Olympus after turning her brother into a stag for good measure. Once leaving Sparta, she realizes that the one she is to go on this mission with is no one other than Artemis’s brother, Apollo. Finding that there is a spy on the very first night who happens to be Daphne’s dear friend, Lykou, Apollo teaches Lykou a lesson by turning him into a wolf. With all the gods’ powers draining from the stolen items missing from Olympus, will Daphne return these items in time to save not only her brother and friend from life as animals but also Olympus before all the gods and goddesses become completely human?

There is more to this story than I have put here…a lot more but I would spend so much time going over it if I went through it. Plus, I’d probably spoil the story. This book, for me is ⭐⭐⭐⭐ only because I’m not really into mythology stories and it does kind of start off slow, but it DOES pick up and get so much better as the story progresses. I have no problem taking you to check this book out and give it a try. Happy reading!


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