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Injury Update

Me at my dinner date with my boyfriend this past Friday (in my sling, ugh!)

Along with posting a book review (although a little late with the review), I figured I would give you a little update on how it is going with my latest injury…the one where my dogs decided to take me for a run as they chased a cat? That one. As far as my left arm goes, as long as I take my 800 mg of Ibuprofen with a muscle relaxer, I’m fairly okay, but unfortunately, I just ran out of the muscle relaxer and I only have three Ibuprofen left. I wake up every morning in a lot of pain. My ribs on the left side have also started giving me a lot of pain the last few days.

I went to Walmart this morning and did some shopping for things I needed for myself and the household. I needed help for a couple items, as I am still in a sling and can’t use both arms, nor can I lift anything heavy like the 44-lb bag of dog food I get for my 2 dogs every month and the 30-pack of spring water I get. Those are the two things I had to get help with. Pushing the cart became painful, so I had to start pulling it. It hurt more in my ribs pushing it. I can’t even close the silverware drawer without feeling pain in my ribs.

I do have a Dr appointment on Thursday at 3 pm for a follow-up for these injuries and also to get a referral for the orthopedic for my back. My back hasn’t been hurting lately. I mean, not constantly. If I move around too much it does, but it hasn’t been a constant pain like it used to be.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately because there’s not much I can do one-handed, but I clean up as much as I can. I’ve learned how to cook dinner, wash dishes, shower, and put my hair up (my usual style: a ponytail) but it’s not as high as I’d like it to be because I can’t get my arm up that high and I can’t bend to the side that low, but I’ve managed to get it to where I’m comfortable with it. Now, not saying I’m not in pain after my shower, but I make it work to where I’m clean and when I get out, I rest.

I spend a lot of time in my recliner in the living room so that I don’t have to lie down all day, because I usually like to lie on my left side. Since I can’t lie on my left side like I like to, I kick my feet up in my nice, comfortable recliner. I think my dogs prefer me to chill in the living room too. I’m sure they get tired of being cooped up in the room too. Ha!

The Dr at the emergency room had told me that my arm would be sore for a few days. I think they were wrong about that. I am NOT sore. This is downright PAIN…NOT soreness. I can handle soreness. I can’t deal with this. I literally cry out when I put any kind of weight on it. And as far as my ribs go, a lot of times I have a hard time bending over because it hurts so bad when I do. Anyway, that’s what’s going on. I bought some Christmas gifts on Amazon today and they’ll be here Friday and hopefully, I’ll get a little more money soon and will be able to buy the rest of my family theirs.

Until next time, my friends and readers. I hope you all are doing well. You should hear another update in a couple days or so besides another book review. Don’t forget to keep smiling!


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