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There Goes Another Day

I pretty much missed a whole day. I went to bed pretty early last night (Oct 27) with no medication because I was just exhausted. I woke up a few hours later not being able to go back to sleep, so I read some of the new book I started, a classic called Wuthering Heights. Some of you might know of it, if you know any classic literature. I also loved on my two dogs and all that. I decided to take my morning meds around 7 am and a 2.5 mg melatonin gummy that usually only helps with a couple hour nap. Well, it helped me fall asleep alright. I slept until about 6 or 6:30 in the evening. Very unusual. But I wasn’t hungry…not really. I thought maybe a glass of strawberry milk would be something substantial to have in my stomach until I actually get hungry. What I didn’t know is that I would be feeling completely sick not too long after I made the milk. Yes, I woke up with a bad headache. I also ended up being so nauseous, I thought I was actually going to throw up, which is normally rare for me. See, I’m not usually a puker. I took some generic Tylenol and laid down for a while until it subsided. The nausea even went away after a bit. I was messaging my boyfriend and a friend for a while and once the headache and everything went away, I found a way to watch my favorite baseball team, Houston Astros, play the first game of the World Series, or at least the last half of it. Until the 10th inning. They lost 5 – 6. I was disappointed, but they have several games to go and they’ve won a championship before. I have faith. I made me some soup during and another bowl a few minutes ago. I can now officially drink some chocolate milk without wanting to 🤮 it up. Lol. After this, it’ll be flavored water. I usually only have one or two glasses of the milk a day and it has to be the lactose free milk due to me being lactose intolerant. Milk is already expensive but a half gallon of the lactose free milk is about the same price as a gallon of the regular milk. It’s crazy but that’s what I have to live with if I want milk for any reason. I think in a bit I’ll find a movie to watch instead of reading, for once. Tomorrow, or today (lol) I’ll hopefully feel better and be able to make healthy three meals for me and my uncle, whom I live with. This man saved me and my dogs from living in my car at the beginning of the year. I pay him rent and cook us both meals as much as I can cook now after I started feeling sick a couple months ago, but he doesn’t require me to cook. I do it because I want to. Out of appreciation and because I’m cooking for me, why not cook for him too? I don’t eat much red meat or hardly any at all. I mostly eat chicken and ground turkey when it comes to meat. Every once in a while I’ll make us hamburgers out of ground beef he either picks up from the store or lean ground beef I’ll occasionally pick up or frozen burger patties he picks up. Lol. If there’s none of those and I want a burger and I have ground turkey, I’ll make us turkey burgers. I try to cook healthy so I don’t fry anything, I usually bake or cook in a pan with cooking spray. The only time I usually use oil is the extra virgin olive oil we have and it’s a drizzle over something baking or roasting in the oven for flavor, not for frying. I learned this a few weeks ago while looking at articles online that olive oil is not an oil for frying but for flavoring and dressings. Stuff like that. Which is great because I’m not for frying things and I’m not supposed to really have fried foods anyway. 😁 Okay, I’m sure you’ve read enough of my blabbering on. I’m going to go on Hulu or Netflix and find a movie to watch. Any suggestions? Movies or shows. I’ll talk to you next time and remember…Keep smiling!


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