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A Book Review for Dark Water

Dark Water by Laura McNeal is a beautifully written story about friendship and how sometimes acts of nature can not only destroy lives but can cause one to do things that people misunderstand. I understood what was going on in this story, but to be honest, this is so amazingly written that for once I’m not sure how to describe it, but I would definitely recommend this book to ANYONE. It’s very emotional and heartbreaking in parts. I definitely give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

For those that don’t understand what a book review has to do with my healthy journey in life…books and fiction writing are part of my mental health. It helps me relax and something I love to do. They are what you would call coping skills for me. And, yes, I love to do reviews, so you will probably see book reviews on here too. I love to spread the word on books that I’ve read, especially when it’s a book that I enjoyed immensely and can’t wait to tell people about it and how great it was. I have an obsession with reading and collecting books. If I took all of the ebooks I have in my Kindle app right now and traded them in for physical books (hardback or paperback, it doesn’t matter. I like them both), I’d have my own little library. I prefer physical books because I love the feel of them in my hands. It’s more relaxing for me, but unfortunately, they don’t just give out the promotion for free physical books on Kindle like they do the ebooks, or offer free physical books through the email subscriptions like they do the ebooks, so I take what I can get. When you live on a fixed income like I do, you can’t always be too picky about your entertainment items and in what forms you get them in. Well, I hope you enjoyed my little review and explanation. If you’re a reader, happy reading!! Keep smiling!

This is the cover of the ebook version. (I do not own the rights of this image. This is just a screenshot.)

3 responses to “A Book Review for Dark Water”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation of Dark Water, Alli. I enjoy reading too. I find it relaxing and I love getting lost in the stories. I also like to rave about the books that I enjoy. Have a great weekend and Happy Reading.


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