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A Little Food Between Lunch & Dinner

My Tortilla Pizza Monstrosity

Since I didn’t get up until almost 1 pm, like I said in another post, I missed lunch and breakfast. So, I came up with this. This is like a combination of like three different meals I’ve either made in the past or have had in the past. It’s low-carb tortillas toasted in the oven until slightly browned and crispy, the red sauce from when I made low-carb moussaka, and oven-baked calamari on top. It’s pretty good but the calamari I got was originally frozen and when I tasted it by itself (even though I seasoned it), it still tasted like nothing. I’m kinda disappointed by that, but the whole tortilla pizza was good. I only ate one because I can’t eat as much as I used to so after one I was full. I’m also drinking a homemade caramel macchiato iced coffee which is just brewed coffee with caramel macchiato creamer and ice in it. Lol. I’m not that fancy. I don’t have the money to buy fancy frothers or machines either so a coffee pot, some flavored creamer, and a cheap ice tray will have to do. Anyway, chat you up soon. Keep smiling!


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